GST Registration- Guide and way to login to GST Registration

GST Registration- Guide and way to login to GST Registration

The GST Registration is the backbone of every country and it was implemented in most of the countries. It was firstly introduced in France back in the year 1954. Since that time, more than 140 countries have implemented GST so the GST was implemented in India after viewing their success. The URL for the GST portal is that you can use to login. 

1. How to apply for GST Registration
Go to the website and apply for GST registration. An acknowledgment number is assigned for the submission of all particulars and documents. Once verified by the GST Officer, the registration process is completed with the assignment of the GST Identification Number (GSTIN). You can read our article for more information about the GST enrolment process.

2. Steps to apply for fresh GST Registration
Step 1: Go to the portal and click on ‘Login' in the right corner of the home page.

 Step 2: Enter the correct username along with the password in specific columns on the GST Registration portal, and click on ‘LOGIN’ button. 

Step 3: You will see your dashboard after the successful login to the GST Registration portal. Now you can check & view a short summary of the GST credits that you have in your account/registration number, GST payable (if any), notices received, if any, along with return filing options.

So these are the simple steps to log in to the GST portal, and there are several others available that you can check after login into their portal. You can also send an Email to the GST helpdesk at: or call 1800-103-4786

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