What are the different Government Registrations & License?

What are the different Government Registrations & License?

Starting a business or company in India isn't a fairy tale story with a smooth road. However, the Nation has made tremendous progress in recent days and made starting a business quite easy for Entrepreneurs or Businessman.

Licenses and permits are issued by the government of a certain municipality or state to allow firms to operate. For a specific individual to start a business in India, obtaining a business license is necessary. This is an important and needed document issued by a municipal council. Businesses are allowed to engage in defined activities in a given area. These licenses and permits are also used to check on businesses to determine whether or not they are following the law’s standards.

To establish and commence business in India, there are certain additional government registrations & licenses required after incorporating the company, which can be categorised as:

  • Local Level Licenses
  • State Level Licenses
  • Central Level Licenses
  • International Level/Global Licenses

The process of obtaining government registrations changes from one type of business to another based on various other determining factors like business, employees, sector, the type of business, etc.

Some of the most commonly required government registrations & licenses for a business can be:

These registrations applicability varies from state to state and business to business, therefore. Get in touch with our expert to evaluate your business and suggest all the requirements.