How To Download Dir 3 Kyc Form

How To Download Dir 3 Kyc Form

Form DIR-3 KYC –  KYC of Directors

A director identification number (DIN) is a unique identifying number assigned to a person who wishes to become a director or is already a director of a corporation. DIN is obtained by submitting an application in eForm DIR-3, which was originally intended to be a one-time process for anyone wishing to become a director of one or more companies.

However, as a result of an amendment to MCA’s register, all directors with DIN are now required to submit their KYC details in e-Form DIR 3 KYC every year.

Purpose of the Form DIR-3 KYC

As mentioned above, Every director shall inform all the companies in which he/ she is a director, of the DIN allotted to him/her in Form DIR-3B within 30 days of the receipt of intimation of approval of DIN. Similarly, the Secretary and Manager of a company shall inform the company of their Income-tax Permanent Account Number (PAN). The company needs to further information about the DIN of the directors to the Registrar in Form DIR-3C within 15 days of receiving the intimation.

Who is required to submit Form DIR 3 KYC?

Directors are required to submit their KYC details to the MCA if they meet the following conditions, according to recent MCA announcements:

  • Their Director Identification Number (DIN) was assigned to them by or on March 31, 2018
  • DIN is in approved status

Note that KYC is also required of disqualified directors.

eForm DIR 3 KYC 

Any DIN holder who is filing his KYC details for the first time with MCA must file all KYC details only through eForm DIR-3 KYC. There is no option for such a person to access the web service for his KYC.

Further, any DIN holder who wants to update any information of his KYC details must update the same through the filing of eForm DIR-3 KYC only.

Form DIR-3 KYC Web

Any DIN holder who has already submitted eForm DIR-3 KYC in any of the previous financial years and who does not require an update in any of his KYC details as submitted may perform his annual KYC by accessing the DIR-3 KYC web service.

  • Form DIR-3 KYC WEB is simply to verify the data filled by the DIN holder in his previous year’s eForm DIR-3 KYC.

Applicable Fee for form DIR-3 KYC

If Form DIR-3 KYC, is filed within the due date of the respective financial year, no fee is payable. However, if filed after the due date, for DIN status ‘Deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC a Fee of Rs.5000 becomes payable.

Due Date for Filing DIR 3 KYC Form

E formPurpose of formTimelineLast Date to FileRemark




KYC of Directors


Annual Compliance


30th Sept 2022

Every individual who holds DIN as of 31st March 2022 and who has not filed DIR 3 KYC form previously or there is a change in email id and mobile number.






KYC of Directors


Annual Compliance


30th Sept 2022

Every individual who has previously filed form DIR-3 KYC and there is no change in email id and mobile number.

Documents Required to File DIR 3 KYC form

The documents required to file reform DIR 3 KYC is as follows:

  • Details of Nationality
  • Details of citizenship like gender, date of birth, etc.
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • Passport (compulsory when DIN holder is of foreign nationality)
  • Driving License
  • Aadhaar card
  • Personal Mobile and Email ID
  • Proof of Residential address.
  • Voters Identity card

Aside from the aforementioned documents, directors must additionally have the following items on hand:

  • To file the form, he used his digital signature.
  • CA, CS, or Cost Accountants who are currently practicing the professional attestation of the above-mentioned documents. In the event of foreign nationals, an attestation by a defined authorized person is required.
  • A declaration signed by them (applicant/director) and attested by CA, CS, or Cost Accountants in good standing.

The process to file DIR 3 KYC Form

Step 1- Download the form

The first and most important step is to obtain a copy of the DIR-3 KYC form from the MCA’s website. DIR 3 KYC form

Step 2- Fill in the DIN details

  • The DIN must be filled in on the KYC form if the status is ‘Approved.’
  • Directors who have had their DIN deactivated due to non-submission of the KYC Form can reactivate their DIN by filling out the form after the statutory due date and paying late filing fees.

Step 3- Fill out the DIR- 3 KYC Form with the required information.

Name and relevant credentials

The applicant must enter his own first and last name, as well as his father’s first and last name. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The director must give his name as it appears on his PAN card.
  • The address provided in the form will be verified against the PAN database.
  • Acronyms, single alphabets, and short forms are not permitted.


  • A director needs to declare his nationality
  • Directors with foreign nationality must declare the nationality mentioned in their passport

Age Declaration

A director’s date of birth (DOB) must be entered in the DD/MM/YYYY Because anyone under the age of 18 is ineligible to file this application, an age declaration is required.


A director’s permanent residential address must be entered and proof of permanent address must be attached. When the current residential address differs from the permanent residential address, the current residential address must be provided.

Note: A foreign pin code can be furnished only when the state selected is “NA”.

Step 4- PAN verification

Verification of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) is required. A director must first input his PAN, after which he must click the ‘Verify income-tax PAN’ button. The system next checks the director’s information using the PAN card number.

Note: For successful authentication, the PAN provided in the form must match the PAN indicated in the DSC. When foreign nationals do not have a PAN, the name on the form must match the name on the DSC in order for authentication to be successful.

Step 5- Update contact details and verify OTP

  • A director must update his contact information by providing his phone number and e-mail address, both of which must be validated using an OTP.
  • When a director inputs these contact details, he must verify them using an OTP by selecting the ‘Generate OTP’ button once they have been submitted. OTPs are issued to both the mobile number and the email address separately.
  • Only directors who are not Indian citizens are permitted to use country codes other than +91/91/0.
  • It should be remembered that an OTP can be issued to the telephone number and email address up to 10 times per day and twice every 30 minutes against one form.

Attested Attachments to be made

An applicant must attest and upload the documents listed above. Any additional attachments must be signed digitally by the applicant.

Step 6- Authentication of e-Form

The e-Form must be validated, which means it must be digitally signed by a Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant or a Company Secretary who is licensed to practice their profession. The provision of the practicing professional’s information, as well as their digital signature, is a critical responsibility that cannot be overlooked.

After thorough proofreading, click the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 7- SRN Generation

When the e-Form DIR-3 KYC is successfully submitted, an SRN is produced and assigned to the user for future MCA correspondence.

Step 8- Email communication

On his personal email ID, the applicant will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the form. Once the email of approval is received, filing eForm DIR-3 KYC is complete.

Things to keep in mind while filing e-Form DIR-3 KYC

  • When filling out this e-form, the director must provide their phone number and email address. A One-Time-Password will be used to verify this information (OTP)
  • This e-Form will require directors to utilize their digital signatures.
  • Directors must ensure that the e-Form is certified by a practicing Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, or Company Secretary.

Procedure to File Form DIR-3 KYC WEB

The procedure to File Form DIR-3 KYC Web is explained in detail below:

  • The applicant needs to log in to the MCA portal with valid credentials. After login, click on the MCA service option and then select DIN services. From the list of services, select the DIR-3 KYC Web option.
  • On the new page, Provide the DIN details, mobile number, and email ID that are preloaded will display on the page.
  • By clicking on the Send OTP option, an OTP will be redirected to the applicant’s mobile number and Mail ID. Furnish the OTP to verify.
  • Pre-loaded details of the DIN Holder will display, check all the details, and click on submit button.
  • A zero rupee challan and SRN will be generated if the form is filed on or before 30th September.

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