How to register on income tax portal.

How to register on income tax portal?

You can follow below mentioned steps to register on Income Tax India e-Filing Government Website-

• Prerequisite for Individual Users

  Before taxpayers start registration, ensure the following details should be hand-in-hand.





Registration Process

Perform the following steps to register as an "Individual user"

Step 1 Visit the ‘e-Filing’ Portal

Step 2 Click ‘Register Yourself' button located at right side of the Home Page.

Step 3 Select the user type as ‘Individual’. Click Continue

Step 4 Provide the following basic details:


           • PAN

           • Surname, First Name and Middle Name  

            • Date of Birth

            • Residential Status

Step 5 Click "Continue"

Step 6 Fill the following mandatory details:

             • Password Details

              • Contact Details

               • Current Address

                • Click "Submit"

Step 7 For Residents, a six digit OTP1 and OTP2 will be shared on your mobile number and email ID, specified at the time of registration.

For Non- residents, OTP will be shared on your primary email ID, specified at the time of registration.

Step 8 Enter the correct OTP to complete the registration process.

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