Income tax return status check

Income tax return status check

An income tax refund is due to a taxpayer if he has paid taxes higher when compared to his actual tax liability. When a taxpayer claims a refund in his return of income, the tax department processes such a return and the taxpayer would receive an intimation from CPC under Section 143(1) which will confirm the quantum of refund that the taxpayer is eligible to receive.

There are two ways one can track their income tax refund status.

  1. The new income tax portal
  2. The NSDL website

How to check ITR status in the new Income Tax Portal (Post-Login)?

Step 1: Visit and log in to your account by entering PAN as user ID, and your password.

Step 2: Click e-File > Income Tax Returns > View Filed Returns.

Step 3: On the View Filed Returns page, you will be able to view all the returns filed by you. You will be able to download the ITR-V Acknowledgement, uploaded JSON (from the offline utility), complete the ITR form in PDF, and intimation order (by using the options on the right-hand side).


  1. Click Filter to view your filed returns based on different criteria (AY or Filing Type).
  1. Click Export to Excel to export your returns data to excel format.

  1. Click View Details to view the life cycle of the return and action items related to it (e.g., returns pending for e-Verification).

How to check the status of your tax refund: Through the NSDL website?

Step 1: Click here, which takes you to the NSDL website to check the refund status.

Step 2: The screen below appears where you can feed in details of your PAN, the AY, and the image appearing on the screen, and then click on “Submit”.

For more information on this visit

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