Partnership Firm Registration in Delhi

Partnership Firm Registration in Delhi

Partnership firm Registration in Delhi

In This Article, I will provide you with information regarding partnership firm registration in Delhi, how to register of partnership firm in Delhi and what are the documents required for partnership firm registration in Delhi.

In Delhi, The Partnership is among the most popular Business entity and Nowadays partnership is also very preferred and recommended for starting a Business in Delhi. Microsoft, Google, Apple, Flipkart etc are the examples of the popular partnership firms.

What is a Partnership?

The partnership is a type of Business Entity or Business structure that is governed by the partnership act. When 2 persons or more than Two Persons enter into a legal agreement to commence and undertake a Business activity for a profit is called a partnership firm.

Feature of Partnership firm registration in Delhi
  1. For Starting a partnership minimum of two people and maximum of 10 in case of Banking firm and 20 in case of Any other business.
  2. There are no minimum capital criteria to start a Partnership firm in Delhi.
  3. All the Partnership firm that are formed have to make an agreement known as partnership deed after this they are bound in contractual basis and are registered as a legal business entity in Delhi.
  4. Registration of partnership firm in Delhi is not mandatory but it is recommended to get Partnership registration.
  5. Partners who are forming a partnership should qualify in accordance with the conditions given in the Indian contract act.
  6. In a Partnership firm, the liability of partners is unlimited and it has no separate Legal entity so the partners have to bear the loss and pay off liabilities from their own assets and money.

The process of Registration of a partnership firm in Delhi

  1. The first step in Partnership Firm registration in Delhi is to Create a Partnership deed that should clearly state name of partners, nature of business, the Capital contribution of partners etc.
  2. To Secure a partnership registration in Delhi, You have to visit the website of a registrar of partnership firms delhi state and fill an online application form and submit a Partnership deed along with all the required documents.
  3. After You have submitted the application for Partnership Registration in Delhi, If The Registrar of firms finds everything in order then he will issue the certificate of registration and If not then he will ask for more information.

Documents Required for Partnership Firm registration in Delhi

  1. Pan Card, Aadhar card, Driving License, passport, and voter Id Card of all Partners.
  2. Telephone bill, Electricity Bill, Water Bill and rental agreement for the address proof of the office of Partnership.
  3. Partnership Deed with all the clauses given in partnership act.
Conclusion on Partnership Firm Registration in Delhi
A Partnership firm is anything but difficult to Form since no Complicated and difficult business requirements are required to be satisfied. Partnership Firm Registration isn’t mandatory and in at the will of the Partners can decide whether they need to Register Partnership firm in Delhi or not. But a Partnership Firm in Delhi can’t profit lawful advantages in the event that it isn’t enlisted, subsequently, it is constantly fitting to enlist it. I Hope You like this Article about Partnership Firm Registration in Delhi if You are still confused about Registration of Partnership Firm in Delhi you can check out our Website and Further You can seek our help in Getting Partnership Registration in Delhi.

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