Pet Shop License & Registration in India

Pet Shop License & Registration in India

A pet shop is a retail shop that sells different kinds of animals as pets for homeowners. In India, pet shops are legalized and fabricated according to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Pet Shop) Rules, 2016 and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. According to the rules, the operation of a pet shop or any other commercial establishment dealing with the same without a registration certificate is prohibited. If one has not obtained a Registration Certificate, the State Board or the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) can seal the Pet Shop and take away the animals being held for sale. Further, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and the State Board have the power to appoint an inspector for inspection of any Pet Shop as and when needed. If the Pet Shop owner doesn't permit the inspector or any representative of the State Board, the Board can cancel the Registration Certificate of the Pet Shop.

Eligibility for Registration

Individuals attempting to get their pet shop registered shall fulfil the following conditions:
  • An Individual should be of age- 18 or above
  • Sound Mind
  • Not disqualified by any law from entering into a contract
If the person refers to an association/corporation/company, such association/corporation/company shall be duly registered with the law.

Who doesn't need to obtain a license?

The entity that doesn't require a Pet Shop license to open a pet shop are as following:
  • A Veterinary clinic/hospital
  • Any foundation that is working for the welfare of animals and is not indulged in the commercial trade of animals.
  • Animal Welfare Organization which functions for providing shelter for animals.

Required Documents for Pet Shop License

  • Copy of Residential proof
  • Copy of Identity proof
  • Certificate Structure stability
  • Details of working hours and rest day
  • Lighting arrangement
  • Ventilation arrangement
  • Cooling or heating arrangement
  • Details of demand draft/cheque number for payment of a fee
  • Details of infrastructure/ accommodation available at the proposed pet shop
  • Details of pet animals that are proposed to be displayed in the Pet Shop for sale (accommodation/number and size of cages, number of animals, types of animals)
  • Rental agreement in case of tenant
  • Arrangement for disposal of dead animals
  • Arrangement for the provision of veterinary and medical attention
  • Registration of shop
  • Premises ownership proof
  • The site and Key plan
  • Self-affidavit
  • Arrangements for food storage
  • Indemnity bond
  • Water bill paid receipt.
  • Electricity bill copy
  • Passport size photo (latest)
  • Aadhar Card

Procedure to obtain a Pet Shop License

You require to file an application in a prescribed format given in Schedule I in the Animal Welfare Board of India to obtain a Pet Shop license.
If the local authority and representatives of the State Board both are satisfied with the applicant, they will approve the license, which will be valid for two years, on the payment of a license fee of Rs. 5000, which is non-refundable.

Application form

An application form requires to be filed for the registration in a manner prescribed under Schedule-I and has to be submitted to the State Board along with a fee of Rs 5,000/-, which is non-refundable. A separate application has to be submitted for every different premise to be registered.


  1. After receiving the application for registration, the State Board directs a team to inspect the shop. 
  2. An inspection team consists of the representatives of the State Board, an authorized representative from the "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals", and a veterinary practitioner. 
  3. The inspection team has to submit a report, which must be appropriately signed by the inspector and accompanied by the application. 
  4. After checking the inspection report and satisfying itself that all the requirements have been fulfilled by a shop, the State Board register the shop and:
  1. Issue a registration certificate.
  2. Record the details of the shop in a register containing the details of all the other shops.

Renewal of Pet Shop registration

An application must be filed 30 days before the expiry date for the renewal of registration. The application should be as per the format provided in the form annexed to Schedule I. The registration can be renewed after making the payment of Rs 5000/-. 

Denial of Pet Shop Registration

The State Board can reject the application filed for registration of pet shop under the following situations:
  • If an applicant gave fake information or manipulated accounts, and occurrence of intentional misrepresentation is found.
  • The applicant was operating a shop without having a license.
  • The applicant, preceding the submission of the application and had been convicted for an animal-related offence.
  • If an applicant is not permitting the inspector to access the premises of the pet shop.
The reasons for denying an application for Pet shop registration need to be recorded by the State Board.

General Practices that the pet shops owners must observe

  • Have to keep the fishes in an aquarium. They should arrange everything required for the pet, which is held for sale.
  • They are not permitted to sell animals for food.
  • A pet shop should strictly follow all measures for animal care.
  • Should maintain and install the fire extinguishing equipments on shop premises.
  • Require to take care of all the precautions and maintain daily routine care along with veterinary aid.
  • Pet shops must put every animal/bird for exhibition/sale inside the shop premises.
  • A pet shop needs to keep sanitation standards and arrange adequate measures for waste disposal. 
  • A pet shop needs to keep animals in the same compartment/place, which shows compatibility.
  • Before selling a kitten/pup, it shall be ensured that the pup/kitten is adequately weaned and vaccinated.
  • Appropriate accommodation conditions should be offered for the species.
  • To avoid food contamination, it should be stored and packed in sealed containers/boxes. All birds/animals should be provided with smell-free food and fresh water.
  • A shop must maintain the appropriate electricity settings. All pets must be kept in secured and good condition.
  • The accommodation of animals should be cleaned daily to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Accommodation of animals must be maintained in proper order and crafted as per the suitable conditions of birds and animals- temperature, ventilation, lighting.
  • The license for the sale of animals/birds should only be granted if it is not prohibited under the Wildlife Act of 1972.

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