Trade License Registration Online Process

Trade License Registration Online Process

Trade License Registration


Trade licenses were introduced in India 40 years ago.

A trade license is a way to regulate a specific business from a particular locality. The State Government issues it. A trade license is a permission to carry in a specific trade or business at the premises for which it has been published.

It does not assures any property owner and is not even allowed to do any other business rather than for which it is issued. An individual must register this new business and get an Online trade license.

The primary objective of the trade license is to reduce the people from making their residential area their business location. The application must be made within 30 days of commencement of business.


Step1 Submit the Enquiry Form :

Once you submit the trade license form to our team, they will call you within no time to know your requirement and suggest the proper documents required along with the trade license application form.

Step2 Document Collect :

TAXAJ team will collect documents through mail, WhatsApp, whichever is comfortable for the customer.

Step3 Application Preparation :

The application will be prepared by an expert team so that there will be no objection raised from the Concerned authority.

Step4 Application and Follow Up :

Trade license application and follow-up headache are ours; You focus on your customers and business growth.

Step5 license Delivery :

Soft copies and hard copies of the license will be delivered to you at your mail and physical address, respectively.


Private Limited

Memorandum of Article & Association (with Form-32, Form-18 & Others)Lease Deed/Rent AgreementFire NOCExcise NOCIRDA Permission
Certificate of trade-licenseProperty Tax ReceiptRent ReceiptPollution NOCDrug NOC
IT ReturnPrevious Trade LicenseFood NOCSarai NOCRBI Permission

Proprietorship / Trustee

Document of Proprietorship / Document of Trust AgreementRent Receipt
IT ReturnPrevious Trade License
Property Tax ReceiptLease Deed / Rent Agreement

Partnership Term

Partnership DeedPrevious Trade License
IT ReturnLease Deed/Rent Agreement
Property Tax ReceiptRent Receipt


A current account is a type of deposit account that helps professionals and business people to run their businesses. People in the industry can avail of various benefits by Online Current Account, such as:

Unlimited transactions
Customized features
Online banking services
Online current account reduces the hassle and benefits of completing the banking process anytime and anywhere.


 When you have a business license or a trade license, you will be liable to enjoy the right of bragging about it.
It helps to grow the firm's prestige and attract customers and investors.
 It will help to maintain the personal finance & business finance separately; this process will help you find the business's profits and losses.
 If damage or injury were to occur due to the business' actions or doings, your finances would not be at stake in any settlement; similarly.
Operating as a licensed business may provide you with access to specific groups that you would be unable to join or participate in if you work under your name. Companies such as the better business bureau, investment groups, and other business-oriented organizations may not permit you to join if your company is not licensed.


The applicant must be at least 18 years.
The business needs to be engaged legally.
There should be no criminal records found for the applicant.


All Food Serving Premises :
Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens, Malls, Theaters, Clubs, bakeries and confectionery shops, Snack shops, Food stalls, Retailers and traders of goods, and Daily needs stores.
Service Trades :
Barbershops, Cybercafes, timber shops, small, medium scale industries, and manufacturing units.
Manufacturing Units/ Industries:
All the Manufacturing and processing units, Small and medium, and large scale industries, and Cafes.

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